Improving Addiction Treatment Outcomes Through a Relational Approach: How the Opposite of Addiction Is Truly Connection

About this Webinar:

The phrase “the opposite of addiction is connection” has been floating around recovery spaces for years. Research is beginning to look at the validity of this statement, even on a neurological level. This webinar will review important information to consider when working with individuals and families in early recovery, both in terms of clinician considerations for self of the therapist work and as it relates to clinical application. We will explore recent research that points to the importance of taking a relational approach to addiction treatment, looking at the neurological intersections between relational functioning and addiction. Participants will gain knowledge regarding the power of meaningful connection as it relates to sustaining long-term recovery and will also learn clinical interventions that can be utilized in sessions to improve treatment outcomes.

Time: Aug 31, 2022 12:00 PM (Mountain Time)

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