Among Rising Relapse and Overdose Rates, Mountainside Presents Event Focused on Wellness

Published on August 26, 2020

Virtual event
invites community members to learn techniques for healthier living and easing

New York, NY – During this turbulent year, many are
facing unprecedented stress due to the current state of the world, from health
and economic concerns to anxiety about returning to work and school.
Considering the dizzying pace of life right now, self-care is more critical
than ever for everyone, especially vulnerable populations such as those in
recovery from substance use and mental health disorders. To uplift community
members, Mountainside treatment center is hosting a virtual event intended to
help participants learn how to strengthen their physical, mental, and emotional

The pandemic is anticipated to take a devastating toll on
Americans’ mental health, and signs already point to an increase in maladaptive
coping mechanisms in response to the stress and isolation associated with
COVID-19. The risk of relapse is higher among people in recovery due to
COVID-19, as social distancing recommendations have complicated their ability
to maintain contact with a support network, a major component of sustained
sobriety. From March to June, alcohol sales rose by 27
. Even more alarmingly, drug-related deaths have risen by 13 percent
thus far in 2020 compared to last year, according to The
New York Times

To help community members cope with stress and handle life’s
challenges one day at a time, Mountainside will host a virtual event on
September 12th designed to provide the building blocks for having a
healthier frame of mind in the face of change. “The Art of Living Well” will
take place from 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM and is open to all who are interested in
learning techniques to nurture their mind, body, and spirit. The virtual event
will feature Mountainside wellness experts leading six dynamic and informative
lifestyle workshops, which will cover:

The basics for relieving stress using essential
oils and acupressure, guided by a licensed acupuncturist

Advice from horticulture experts for reaping the mental health
benefits of gardening

Tips from a certified dietitian-nutritionist for eating to boost
energy and mood

Career search advice and finding work-life balance, featuring credentialed
recovery coaches

How to look your best and feel confident, featuring a Project
Runway stylist

The keys to feeling empowered and embracing the authentic self
from a licensed therapist

All ticket sales from “The Art of Living” will be donated to
a local community organization supporting underserved community members and
helping them create a brighter tomorrow. The event will be a celebration of
Recovery Month, raising awareness of those currently struggling with substance
use disorders as well as all who have successfully overcome them. People in
recovery from addiction can especially benefit from practices that target total

“The Art of Living Well” is presented by Mountainside
Chelsea, which celebrates its first anniversary in September serving as a hub
for recovery in Manhattan. The recovery resource center is committed to
educating the community, connecting individuals in recovery, and raising
awareness about substance use disorders.

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Well” event should visit:

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