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Spring! This time of year brings a feeling of change. Open the windows, clean out the clutter, and make everything fresh again! Winter is the longest season, or at least it seems like it. There is something about hearing the bird’s chirping, and seeing the squirrels back in action that makes my heart feel some sort of way. The burden of the dark and dreary months is finally gone and warm weather is here.

At the beginning of spring, I usually take time to cleanse my life by reevaluaing my situation. Here are some things I do that you can do too!

  1. I go through my house getting rid of items that are no longer needed; clothes, furniture, anything! If I haven’t used it in a year, then it is good as gone. I find a charity or organization that takes those items and puts them to good use.
  2. I deep clean my house. Clean the curtains, move the furniture around, clean every single corner and crevice. I love to sit back when I am done and enjoy a fresh space.
  3. I get outside and move. Even if it is for a short time, I love spending time in my yard with my dogs, or taking them for a walk in the morning before work.
  4. Add a little more color in your diet and life! This is always a good time of year to think about what type of plants I want to put in my garden. I enjoy smelling the flowers, and eating fresh veggies!

What are you willing to do to declutter your life!?

Share Night Volunteers & Family Wellness Speakers
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Michael V. Sharon, CT 433 days
Cole D. New Haven, CT 399 days
Casey S. Stamford, CT 306 days
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