MAT Program Overview

Our MAT program offers an effective two-pronged approach that combines structured clinical therapy through our Outpatient Services with scientifically-proven addiction medication to put you on the path toward long-term, sustained recovery. As your overall health stabilizes, you will begin a medically monitored taper down process ending in zero medication use. Our ultimate goal is to help you live an abstinence-based sober lifestyle. 

Addiction Treatment Medications

As part of our MAT program, we offer several addiction medication options to help reduce your cravings and minimize physical withdrawal symptoms such as abdominal cramping, nausea, muscle aches and pains, and severe headaches.

Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone)

Highly effective prescription medication used in the treatment of opioid addiction. Available as a film strip that dissolves under the tongue and needs to be taken daily under medical supervision.

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Vivitrol (naltrexone)

Extended-release formulation of naltrexone used to treat alcoholism and opioid addiction. Available as a monthly injection, administered by a certified healthcare professional.

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MAT Offerings

Medical & Psychiatric

Psychiatrist performing psychiatric evaluation as part of a patient’s addiction treatment

Psychiatric Evaluation

Session to determine your mental health needs, including checking for the presence of co-occurring disorders such as anxiety or depression.

Addiction medication as part of a patient’s drug addiction treatment.

Medication Management

Review of all medications to help manage health issues while avoiding drug interactions or complications that hinder recovery.

Doctor administering a urine analysis to check for the presence of drugs and alcohol.

Toxicology Screenings

Breathalyzer tests and urine analysis to check for the presence of drugs or alcohol in your body, and help you stay accountable in recovery.

Medical Team

Board-certified psychiatrists, registered nurses, and knowledgeable healthcare specialists with significant expertise in addiction treatment deliver the highest caliber medical care available.

While Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone) and Vivitrol, (naltrexone) can be effective tools in combating alcohol and drug addiction, Medication-Assisted Treatment may not be appropriate for all individuals. It is important to seek the guidance of licensed addiction treatment professionals to determine if MAT is right for you or a loved one. To learn more about the program or if your insurance covers MAT, call us today.

Mountainside's MAT program is available in three locations — Canaan, CT, Wilton, CT, and Chappaqua, NY

All locations offer flexible hours for medication management appointments and counseling to fit your life schedule. 

We work with most private insurance and many offer some MAT coverage.