Recovery Through Writing

Loveless Connection by Meredith

Loveless Connection by Meredith

Loveless connection drains the hottest tub.

Hand in hand with Sugar Daddy, pupils doubled, nail polish chipped. He offers to finance a new bra — only if he can pick it. Back in the room, the unmodel turns model, in her choicelessness, she wore it like a smile. 

Suddenly, the bed seems sterile, the lights like a gynecologist’s office, the artless framed picture is leering. His glasses fog and she dematerializes. The moon hands, sliced, singing through slanted windows. How she wished she could be such a glint. 

“Oh, Baby” is whispered, but echoes. His groans fill her lungs like paint. Socks, watch, wedding ring, strewn around like confetti. He’s here to feel like a man; she withers, unlike the fake Bonzai. She has blood and teeth and a memory like a wishing well. “Help” she thinks but wouldn’t say. The tea kettle has seen this a million times, it nods and laughs, “You’ve gone too far. This is a one way.” 

So she accepts her duty and parts like an ocean, unravels in the too-clean sheets, tucked so tight she can’t feel her ankle. At least she can’t feel something.