Our day began mindfully with qigong and meditation and was followed by a very full and satisfying breakfast. Everyone is raving about the food — ain’t no losing weight around here!

The Ruiz brothers discussed the foundation of their work: self-love. They encouraged us to explore “conditional vs. unconditional love” and the reasons for both in our lives. They left most of us spellbound and almost overwhelmed with life-changing lessons.

Our first big outing today was a hike to the pyramids. Here we learned about the importance of “letting go.” Many opened up and shared their personal stories as the day went on, while others seem contemplative and quiet. Without getting into the lessons, I should just say that the Ruiz brothers are very skillful in making their stories relatable and grounded.

We returned from a sun-filled day at the pyramid grounds to have lunch and sit by the pool and nap in the rooms. Before we knew it, we were attending the IOP (Intensive Outpatient) evening program where our clinician AJ recapped the day, presented his observations, and asked engaging questions. This prompted the Ruiz brothers to further their teaching, once again blowing away the room. The highlight of the evening for most was Jose Ruiz sharing his story about his addiction and upbringing.

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