The tribe was up early with coffee and plans to greet the sun. Rain and clouds surrounded us, and there were doubts that we would be able to complete our journey. The rain let up and mystical clouds hung around the pyramids as we hiked a couple of miles to them. Hot air balloons had already risen, and the sun poked through from time to time.

Some with doubts waited at the bottom of the pyramid, looking up at its 23 floors of stairs above. The rest of us ascended the pyramid at our own mindful, breathless pace to the top. We occasionally stopped for a picture, to admire the hot air balloons, and to take a moment for self-reflection. Gratitude began to shine from our hearts.

All of us, including those who had doubts, made it all the way to the top of the pyramid. We stood at the summit in awe of what we had walked both together and individually. I then led a session of Qi Gong infusing the teachings of connection, gratitude, flow, and more. To see the tribe flowing in unison was glorious. The Ruiz brothers followed along with us, which was such a treat to witness.

We transitioned onto the airport-bound buses after breakfast. By the time we arrived in Cancun, hunger was speaking to all of us and the driver found a fun restaurant with festive waiters and colorful surroundings. Our waiter even relished in balancing all his drinks on the top of his head while a mariachi band played.

We traveled to our hotel and cooled off from the heat and humidity of the jungle environment of the Yucatan. We settled into a deep rest with the knowledge that we were being given a later start time for the next day. Life is good!

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