Residential Program Overview

Our residential program combines addiction education, 12 Step principles, and substance abuse counseling to help you understand the driving forces of your alcoholism or drug addiction. Learning to recognize your behaviors and practice mindfulness help you better manage your actions. To complement clinical treatment, a vast array of wellness therapies and support network services help foster total wellness, from physical to mental and spiritual.

Residential Offerings

No two individuals are alike and neither are their recovery journeys. Mountainside’s residential treatment program provides a robust range of traditional addiction treatments and alternative wellness therapies to help you find the right mix of offerings that works best for you and your recovery.


A group of women discussing drug addiction in an outdoor meeting at a rehab center

Gender Group

Men-only and women-only groups to discuss gender-specific issues in recovery such as self-esteem, societal and cultural pressures, family dynamics, and interpersonal relationship issues.

Group therapy addressing substance abuse

Group Counseling

Daily clinician-facilitated therapy session that enables you to openly express yourself and explore issues among others who understand what you are going through.

Relapse prevention group

Understanding Risk in Recovery

Group focused on the risks of early recovery, trends in substance abuse, and strategies to avoid threats and overcome challenges.

Group therapy for alcoholism and drug addiction

Seeking Safety

Group designed to help manage symptoms related to trauma in one’s early stages of recovery, develop coping skills, practice containment strategies and foster self-empowerment for change.

Group of recovering alcoholics and addicts in treatment

Recovery Education

Curriculum designed to explain how alcoholism or drug addiction has impacted your life and what to be mindful of in the recovery process.

Male rehab patient in a meeting with drug addiction counselor at Mountainside

Individual Counseling

One-on-one sessions with a clinician to help you process thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to gain a clearer understanding of your inner-self and develop and strive towards personalized treatment goals.

AA 12-Step addiction recovery group

12 Step Education

Discussion based on 12 Step literatures from peer support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, focusing on recovery.

Rehab patient in anger management therapy

Anger Management

Group designed to identify and examine triggers, adjust perceptions, and develop constructive ways to express anger and frustration.

Addiction support group meeting

Building a Recovery Network

Educational group that explores how to develop a sober support network, including an introduction to our Alumni Services.


Medical & Psychiatric

Nurse performing an HIV test on drug addict

HIV and Hepatitis C Tests

Screenings designed to determine if you are currently infected with HIV or Hepatitis C by detecting antibodies in your blood.

Doctor evaluating patient’s withdrawal from drug addiction

Withdrawal Assessment

Evaluation of addiction withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, anxiety, and depression specific to your substance of abuse and history of use.

Nurse conducting pharmocogenic test as part of addiction treatment

Pharmacogenic Test

Collection of your genetic information to better understand how medications used as part of your addiction treatment will affect your body.

Doctor administering a urine analysis to check for the presence of drugs and alcohol.

Toxicology Screenings

Breathalyzer tests and urine analysis to check for the presence of drugs or alcohol in your body, and help you stay accountable in recovery.

Doctor checking alcoholic’s blood pressure to evaluate the damage addiction has caused

Physical Exam

Medical exam to evaluate your general health and determine any degree of physical issue caused by your addiction.

Nutritionist examining patient’s nutritional needs to aid in their recovery

Nutritional Assessment

One-on-one evaluation to assess the toll substance abuse has taken on your body and address your most imminent nutritional needs.

Psychiatrist reviewing prescription pills with addict


Workshop highlighting the benefits of medications in treating co-occurring disorders as well as proper medication management after discharge.

Family Wellness


Individual Family Counseling

One-on-one session to help you understand and analyze your current family dynamics, discusses the negative impact that damaged relationships can have on your progress, and explore the best ways to repair them.

Family Consultations

Family Counseling

Joint family therapy session to open the lines of communication between you and your loved ones, allowing you and your family to devise a plan together for a healthier relationship moving forward.


Family Dynamics Group

Discussion of how your addiction has impacted your family, how your family has impacted you and your addiction, as well as the role your family members and friends play in your treatment and recovery.

Family Wellness for Your Loved Ones

Family Wellness Workshops

An interactive workshops design to address the stress, anxiety, and trauma that your addiction has had on your loved ones, as well as provide them with the tools to better support you during and after treatment.

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Continuing Care


Aftercare Planning

Based on your strengths, progress, and goals, your case manager shares options for the next addiction treatment steps after you complete your current phase of drug or alcohol rehabilitation.


Post-Treatment Follow-Up

In partnership with our alumni team, Continuing Care team members check up on your health and well-being, connect you with recovery, and encourage you to stay motivated in your recovery.

Group of recovering alcoholics and addicts in treatment

Aftercare & Recovery Education

Prepares you for what life is like after treatment through discussion of the daily challenges you may face, how to avoid common pitfalls, where to find helpful resources, and more.

Typical Day at Mountainside’s Residential Program

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Residential Team

Our team is composed of licensed and credentialed clinicians with extensive experience in the field of substance-abuse treatment who guide you through recovery and into a life full of possibility.

Meet Our Residential Team

Mountainside's Residential Program is offered in Canaan, CT.