3 Ways Your Appearance Changes When You Quit Drinking

Alcoholism takes a tremendous toll on every aspect of your life. It can significantly alter your personality, behavior, health, and even your physical appearance. Over time, you can become unrecognizable from who you used to be. But sobriety provides you with the opportunity to rediscover yourself, heal your body, and look your best.

While there are countless benefits to recovery ⎼ from making amends and rebuilding fractured relationships to getting a second chance at life and achieving your goals ⎼ an often-unexpected benefit is the positive impact that sobriety has on your appearance.

Below are three ways quitting alcohol can help you look (and feel) your best.

You Will Lose Weight

Not only is alcohol full of empty calories that offer no nutritional value but alcohol also makes it more difficult for your body to burn fat that is already there. Studies show that consuming alcohol with meals makes you eat more than you normally would. In the case of heavy drinkers, alcohol can cause so much damage to the liver that it prevents it from properly processing fat. This eventually leads to fatty liver disease, which, if left untreated, can cause cirrhosis and liver failure.

Giving up alcohol not only enables you to shed those extra pounds but also allows your body to start the healing process. Maintaining a healthy weight also helps you sleep better and feel more energized.

Your Skin Will Glow

When you are struggling with alcoholism, your skin is probably the least of your concerns. But the effects alcohol is having on your skin may be more serious than you think. Recent studies have found a link between regular alcohol consumption and skin cancer. And while more research is still being conducted to fully understand the link between alcohol and skin cancer, alcohol has proven to damage skin in several other ways.

From premature aging to blotchy skin to broken capillaries and visible veins ⎼ alcohol not only significantly changes your appearance but can cause irreversible damage. By giving up alcohol, you are allowing your skin to rehydrate and intake the necessary nutrients it needs, promoting healthy, glowing skin.

You Hair Will Grow

Alcohol leads to dehydration, raised estrogen levels, and reduced zinc levels in the body ⎼ all of which makes it difficult for long, healthy hair to grow. Poor sleep and added stress that often accompany alcoholism can cause hair to fall out. And so, the more you drink, the more your hair weakens. But as you embark on your journey to recovery and your body starts receiving the proper nutrition it needs, your hair starts repairing itself. Many in recovery talk about having full, shiny hair they did not have prior to getting sober.

While having shiny hair or flawless skin may not seem particularly important, how you look often reflects what is happening inside your body. These improvements to your appearance are a sign that you are becoming a stronger, healthier version of yourself.

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