Addiction: Enabling vs Helping


Are You Enabling Addiction?

When your loved one is struggling with a debilitating disease like addiction, it can be easier to try to fix their troubles or pretend the problem does not exist. However, enabling a friend or relative is not the same as helping them, and could even cause their addiction to spiral further out of control.


  1. Making excuses for them.
  2. Helping them with their expenses, such as rent, meals, and gas.
  3. Accepting their lies or excuses.
  4. Giving them a place to live.
  5. Pretending the addiction does not exist or is not causing harm.
  6. Tending to their needs more than your own.


  1. Holding your loved one accountable for their actions.
  2. Setting boundaries and letting go.
  3. Discussing how their addiction has impacted others.
  4. Helping them find the right treatment program.
  5. Accepting that addiction is a disease.
  6. Practicing self-care and engaging in your own recovery.

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