A Healing Trip to Mexico

An exciting week-long journey of spiritual enlightenment and adventure awaits you. Get out of your comfort zone and deepen your commitment to recovery by joining our Extended Care program.

Explore the Land of the Spiritual Warrior

No belief system better exemplifies the power of good intent than that of the Toltec people. Hundreds of Mountainside alumni have benefited from adopting the Toltec principles outlined in the immensely popular book, The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz. This book follows a journey to the land of the Toltec people — Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza, Mexico. During our semi-annual trip to Mexico, Mountainside’s Extended Care clients and staff — led by Don Miguel, Jr. and Don Jose Ruiz —follow the path of the Toltec warriors.  Along the way, each discovers their own path to enlightenment and pure intent in their recovery and in life.

Embark on a Journey

A moment of clarity without any action is just a thought that passes in the wind. But a moment of clarity that’s followed by action is a pivotal moment in life.”

— Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.

Trip Testimonials

“A memorable moment for me was making it to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. Just four months ago I was paralyzed from an overdose and was told there was a chance I would never walk again.” —David R

“My fellow alumni are my brothers forever. I learned what friendship really is because of them and this trip.” —Michael J

“Leaving behind some of the things that were holding me back from unconditionally loving myself.” —Peter Q

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Day 1

Beginning the Trip

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Day 2

Trek to the Pyramid of Hell

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Day 3

Avenue of the Dead

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Day 4

The Art of Happiness

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Day 5

Pyramid of the Sun and Onward

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Day 6

Welcome to the Jungle!

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Day 7

Leap of Faith

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