An Adventure Awaits You

Through Mountainside's Extended Care program, you have the exciting  opportunity to go on a life-changing adventure to beautiful Teotihuacan, Mexico. Surrounded by nature and remnants of ancient civilizations, you will find yourself immersed in Mexican culture. Along with fellow Extended-Care clients, you will explore ancient pyramids, go on hot air balloon rides, watch traditional performances, and enjoy the local cuisine. 

With recovery in mind, this trip is designed to push you beyond your perceived limitations. Whether it is climbing to the top of the mountain, conquering your fear of heights, or discovering something about yourself during one of the spiritual workshops, you will find yourself empowered to let go of anything holding you back in your recovery.

Explore the Land of the Spiritual Warrior

Personal growth is at the core of recovery, and so, you are encouraged to embark on your own spiritual journey during this trip. Guided by the Ruiz Family — the family behind the immensely popular book, The Four Agreements  you will follow the path of the Toltec warriors, learn about their ancient principles, and how implementing the four agreements can fortify your recovery. 

The Four Agreements

1. Be Impeccable With Your Word
2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
3. Don’t Make Assumptions
4. Always Do Your Best

“My fellow alumni are my brothers forever. I learned what friendship really is because of them and this trip.”

—Michael J.

“A memorable moment for me was making it to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. Just four months ago I was paralyzed from an overdose and was told there was a chance I would never walk again.”

—David R.

Learn more our Extended Care program and how you can embark on your own spiritual journey.