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Please Play Responsibly!

By: Amy Sedgwick, Director of Outpatient Services   With talks of a third casino being developed and the increasing popularity of the game Keno, Connecticut has seen a substantial surge in gambling. These days, gambling isn’t just in the form of casinos and bars.  Gambling now means scratch-off tickets, daily lottery, sports betting, bingo, video … Continued

What to Do When Your Partner Has a Substance Abuse Issue

By Marsha Vannicelli, PhD   Perhaps, you are the partner of an individual whose drinking or drug use is affecting your relationship.  You may find yourself feeling, at times, that you are in a complicated downward spiral – the more painful the couple dynamics, the more the substance abuser uses, and the more he or … Continued

Study Finds Substance Abuse Significantly Increases Suicide Risk Among Veterans

A recent study conducted by the University of Michigan and the Department of Veteran Affairs has found that veterans with substance abuse problems are more likely to commit suicide than veterans who are not suffering from an addiction. The study, which was recently published in the journal Addiction, involved 4.4 million veterans and was conducted … Continued

How Addiction Changes Your Personality

Whether it is with a controversial movie like Requiem for a Dream or a Netflix success like Orange Is the New Black, entertainment has brought substance abuse right into our living rooms and our smartphones. Characters from all backgrounds are consumed by their addictions until they become unrecognizable from who they used to be.  We … Continued

Holistic Healing: Harnessing the Power of Music Therapy

By Justin Greene, Program Coordinator, Adventure-Based Counseling At Mountainside, we believe in helping our clients heal mind, body, spirit. To that end, we combine traditional therapies with evidence-based, holistic treatments. In this new “Holistic Healing” column, we will highlight the many effective alternative modalities we use to care for our clients. We all know what … Continued