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An Interview with Fitness Superstar Leandro Carlvaho on Wellness

  Fitness superstar Leandro Carvalho visited Mountainside treatment center in December 2016 to lead clients and staff in several energizing workout sessions as part of Mountainside’s First Annual Holiday Fitness Festival. Carvalho is an expert in his field, and he was generous in sharing his fitness know-how with the Mountainside community. Our commitment to wellness is evident in … Continued

What You Should Ask Your Doctor Before Filling Your Painkiller Prescription

The opioid epidemic is all over the news: horror stories about parents overdosing in front of their children or young athletes feeding their painkiller addictions with heroin. In 2015, there were 20,101 overdose deaths related to prescription pain relievers. Yet, the average person probably doesn’t know what the opioid crisis means for them. If prescribed … Continued

5 Ways Gardening Can Help Your Recovery

In existence for thousands of years, gardens are now being increasingly used for addiction and mental health treatment. A combination of nature and experiential therapy, gardening has proven to be successful in helping people gain mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Below are five ways gardening can benefit you in your recovery. Healthier Eating As you … Continued

Holistic Healing: Forest Bathing Washes Away Stress

By Sheree Surdam, Wellness Program Manager At Mountainside, we believe in helping our clients heal mind, body, spirit. To that end, we combine traditional therapies with evidence-based, holistic treatments. In this new “Holistic Healing” column, we will highlight the many effective alternative modalities we use to care for our clients. Nature is a scientifically proven … Continued

8 Signs of Alcoholism You Should Know

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, a staggering 2.5 million people die worldwide each year under alcohol related circumstances, and there are approximately 23 million Americans suffering from alcohol and/or drug dependency. No matter whether people are coping with their alcohol addiction in private or in plain sight, alcoholism is all … Continued