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BIGVISION, Big Sober Fun

By Alejandra Hamel After completing my first stint in rehab a year ago, I came to a BIGVISION event for the first time. I was really nervous walking into an event where a lot of people already knew each other. Many already felt more comfortable socializing sober and didn’t feel like newbies in the recovery … Continued

Client Empowerment: Taking Charge of Addiction Treatment

When it comes to picturing addiction treatment that works, many people think of the old labor camp model – a gray, dingy facility where patients scrub away at the floor with a toothbrush. Some people embraced this model of treatment-punishment because they thought of addiction as a moral failing that needed to be corrected through … Continued

Your Wellbeing: Moments of Truth

By Steve Langley, Executive Director In my role as Mountainside’s Executive Director, I am often asked about my perception of recovery and what I believe to be important for maintaining a life of recovery, happiness, and well-being.  This is a particularly difficult question because every human being is different, and like snowflakes, each individual’s recovery … Continued

PTSD and Addiction

For some people who struggle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), self-medicating with drugs or alcohol seems like the best way to cope with their physical and emotional pain. However, their mental vulnerability can lead to addiction, which will require treatment of the original diagnosis of PTSD in conjunction with treatment for the drug or alcohol … Continued

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Sobriety

When you become sober, there is no shortage of opinions on how you can strengthen your recovery. Therapists, family, friends, sponsors – everyone has their own idea of what will work for you. Here is some of the best advice Robbie Dexheimer of Foundation House received. The solutions he discovered still hold true today, and … Continued