8 Signs of Alcoholism to Watch Out For

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If you suspect that a loved one is hiding an alcohol addiction from you, watch out for these signs.

Storytelling: Individuals often come up with elaborate stories to explain their absence or questionable behavior.

Watered Down Liquor Bottles: Individuals refill alcohol bottles with water to hide how much they drink.

Financial Issues: Buying excessive amounts of alcohol will begin to take a toll on their finances.

Spending More Time Alone: Individuals often cancel plans with others in order to drink alone and avoid being questioned about their drinking.

Extended Bathroom Time: During social situations, individuals take their drinks to the bathroom so that no one can keep track of how much they are drinking.

Hiding Spots: Individuals will hide alcohol all over their home and drink it in secret when they’re alone.

Gum Chewing: Individuals constantly chew gum to mask the smell of alcohol.

Traveling Unnecessary Long Distances: Individuals will often travel long distances to buy alcohol, so they won’t be seen by anyone they know.

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