Mountainside Treatment Center Press Releases

Here’s How to Know If Your Winter Blues Are More Serious Than You Think

Dr. Mogali, Director of Psychiatry at Mountainside, discusses with PopSugar signs that your seasonal depression could be more serious than you think. Read here.

10 Silent Signs You’re Slipping into a Pain Pill Addiction

Dr. Mogali, Director of Psychiatry at Mountainside, shares with Reader’s Digest some common signs of opioid addiction. Read Here.

How to tell if your loved one is addicted to opioids

Dr. Dwenger, Medical Director at Mountainside, shares some warning signs of opioid abuse with the Daily News. Read here.

Home From Rehab: Now What?

Tina Mueller, Family Wellness Manager at Mountainside, shares with Teen Life what parents can do to prepare for their child’s return from rehab. Read more.

Self-Acceptance in the Face of Addiction and HIV

Jason Arsenault, Senior Manager of Recovery Coaching and Community Relations at Mountainside, shares his personal journey of recovery and self-acceptance with The Body. Read here.