Mountainside Treatment Center Press Releases

Talking to Your Kids About Illicit Drug Use

Tina Muller, Family Wellness Manager at Mountainside, discusses how to talk to your kids about illicit drugs. Read on pg. 36.

The Mental Health Disorders That Are 100% Misunderstood

Dr. Mogali, Director of Psychiatry at Mountainside, provides insight into why mental health disorders are so widely misunderstood. Read here.

Mental Health Resources for Teens

Gerald Guara, Family Wellness Clinician at Mountainside, discusses the importance of teens utilizing the mental health resources available. Read here.

Traveling the World in search for good, sober fun

The Boston Globe discusses sober fun, including the samba-themed dinner cruise around New York City, sponsored by Mountainside Treatment Center. Read here.

Stop Confusing Your Nerves With Having Anxiety

Dr. Mogali, Director of Psychiatry at Mountainside, shares her thoughts on anxiety and how society treats mental disorders. Read here.