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MultiPlan Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Embarking on the road to addiction recovery shouldn’t be hindered by financial concerns. We understand that the cost of rehab can be overwhelming, and deciphering insurance options adds an extra layer of complexity. Many individuals are unaware of the valuable resource they may already possess in their insurance plans – enter MultiPlan.

In our commitment to making quality addiction treatment more accessible, we are excited to share that Mountainside is now contracted with MultiPlan’s PPO network (we’ll explain what this means later). Here, we break down the complexities of MultiPlan, helping you understand what it is and how it can benefit you. Let Mountainside be your guide towards a brighter, accessible path to recovery.

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What is MultiPlan?

First, MultiPlan is NOT AN INSURANCE COMPANY and does not provide coverage for medical care. MultiPlan functions as a middleman between insurance plans and healthcare providers, working to cut down on healthcare costs.

The MultiPlan network is a nationwide complementary PPO network and happens to be the largest provider of PPOs in the US.

What is a PPO? It stands for Preferred Provider Organization. When you enroll in a PPO health insurance plan, you get access to a group of healthcare providers that work with or are “contracted with” the insurance company. The healthcare providers in this group are the “preferred” providers. The insurance policies that are part of the MultiPlan network cover a wide range of services, including addiction treatment.

Does MultiPlan Provide Coverage for Addiction Treatment?

No – MultiPlan is not an insurance company, and therefore does not cover any medical services, including addiction treatment. Your coverage for treatment depends on your insurance plan.

What Benefits Does MultiPlan Offer for Addiction Treatment?

If your insurance plan falls within the MultiPlan network, you have the flexibility to get treatment from any healthcare provider who is also a part of the MultiPlan network, even if your insurance company doesn’t directly contract with that provider. If your insurance company is within the network, that means you can access reduced-cost care from addiction treatment centers that are also part of the MultiPlan network.

This not only expands your treatment options but also ensures cost-effective access to comprehensive addiction care. If your insurance already works with the provider, the MultiPlan addition provides an extra opportunity to further reduce costs alongside your existing coverage. Even if your insurance doesn’t have a direct partnership with the provider, but both are part of the MultiPlan network, you can still access healthcare at a reduced rate.

Do I have MultiPlan? How Do I Know if my Insurance Company is Part of the MultiPlan Network?

To check if you have an insurance policy that uses MultiPlan PPO, look for the MultiPlan logo on your insurance card to see if your carrier is part of the network. You can also find a list of all insurance plans and healthcare providers within the MultiPlan network on MultiPlan’s website.

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