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Should I Walk Away From My Addicted Partner?

July 29th, 2019


Should I Walk Away From My Addicted Partner?

I think the biggest thing to do is, if your partner is getting help, is to wait. Don't make a big decision. Take your space and do what you need to do for yourself, but don't make a final decision until your partner has had time to heal. I know residential programs often are 30 days, but it's not going to be 30 days and someone's good to go. It's going to take time. Take that space and figure out what you need. And then let that person — with time and action — go heal, whether it's through treatment or community supports, whatever way they feel best for them. The longer you give them and the more action they take, the more they are able to process or think about relationships and your needs and my needs. And so, making a big decision like that, it could come back to haunt you when you realize that the person you always wanted comes back a few months later. It's always easy to have a knee jerk reaction but just hold back and make that at a slower pace. 

If your loved one is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, we are here to help. Reach out to Mountainside by calling 888 833 4676.

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