Recovery is a lifelong journey. Get tips to strengthen your recovery and help you to live a healthy, happy sober life.


How to Strengthen Your Sobriety

Recovery is a lifelong process, and it is important that you are constantly working on ways to grow and strengthen your sobriety.

Managing a Healthy Diet and a Busy Life

If you're always on the go, maintaining a healthy diet may be the last of your worries. Find out how to prioritize recovery and your nutrition together.

The New You: Making Good Decisions in Recovery

Recovery isn’t a destination but rather an ongoing journey. With a healthy mindset and tools for maintaining your sobriety, you are hopefully making better decisions than you previously did.

How to Enjoy Summer and Protect Your Sobriety

Long, warm days make the summer months perfect for exciting parties. For people who are in early addiction recovery, this time of the year can be tricky to navigate, as alcohol is the beverage of choice at most parties and celebrations.

Addiction Recovery: How We Talk About Our Experience Matters

Your recovery story is important and can serve as an inspiration to others, but sharing it outside of a 12 Step meeting isn't always easy. Learn simple tips to help you feel more comfortable sharing your story with those outside of the recovery community.
Family Wellness

How to Help Your Teen Recover from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

When your teen is in recovery from either drug or alcohol addiction, your direct support is crucial to their long-term recovery. So, how can parents continue to help their teen in recovery while still balancing a healthy sense of normalcy within their home? Mountainside Family Wellness Manager Tina Muller addresses some of the most common concerns parents express over their teen’s recovery and how they can support their teen while rebuilding their family unit.

Addiction Recovery and Personal Empowerment

We often abuse ourselves for the “bad” things that we do, and we are our own biggest critics. We waste a lot of energy on self-hate when we could be using it to bring positivity, light, and love into our lives.

3 Apps for Addiction Recovery

Maintaining mental, physical, and spiritual wellness is an important part of recovery that can often be overwhelming. These apps encourage and track healthy habits.

Sober Social Networks

We know how important it is stay connected during recovery. This is why we offer multiple support groups, the alumni app, and more

3 Apps to Help You Stay Sober

Those in recovery can be more sensitive to everyday stressors and may need help in coping with them. What is great is that there are apps available to help you relax and rewind.