Healthy Living

A healthy lifestyle is critical in recovery. Learn how healthy living can enhance your quality of life, mental health, and fortify your sobriety.

Should You Really Drop Sugar from Your Diet?

Before you began your recovery, you may have used drugs or alcohol to medicate your feelings. Now that you’re sober, have you been self-medicating with sugar? And if so, is it really all that bad for you? It depends.
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Battling Addiction With Personal Empowerment

People in the grips of addiction often suffer from poor self-esteem and have a strong feeling of shame. Here are techniques for coping with negative emotions.

Addiction Recovery and Personal Empowerment

We often abuse ourselves for the “bad” things that we do, and we are our own biggest critics. We waste a lot of energy on self-hate when we could be using it to bring positivity, light, and love into our lives.
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Simple Ways to Balance Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Cultivating overall well-being is important to leading a happy, healthy life. Learn how to incorporate simple wellness tips into your daily routine to help you reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue.