Signs of Addiction

Recognizing the signs of addiction could save a life, if not when recognized in yourself, but a loved one. Learn about the physical and behavioral addiction symptoms to look out for.
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Is Your Loved One an Alcoholic?

The signs of addiction aren't always easy to recognize, especially when it comes to a loved one. Learn some common red flags of alcoholism and help your loved one get the help they need.
Drug Addiction

How Addiction Affects the Brain

While many view substance use as a choice, addiction is a chronic disease. Learn how it impacts the brain and its long-term effects.
Drug Addiction

What Are Common Signs of Mental Illness in Addiction?

Addressing mental health concerns is an important part of addiction treatment. Lisa Westerson, Assistant Clinical Director at Mountainside treatment center, shares common signs of mental illness and what you should do if you recognize these signs.

What is a High Functioning Alcoholic?

Approximately 30 percent of Americans suffer from an alcohol misuse disorder. Many of which are high functioning individuals with successful careers and family lives.
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What Parents Need to Know About Teens and Opioids

Opioid overdoses occur regardless of age. Learn how to recognize the signs of addiction and how to communicate with your teens about the dangers of drug abuse.
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8 Signs of Alcoholism to Watch Out For

Many who struggle with addiction attempt to hide their alcoholism from family members out of shame. Know the red flags pointing to a loved one’s alcohol abuse.

A “Harmless” Addiction

Those who miss their use may cope by replacing one addiction with another. Learn why this is harmful and how to treat any underlying issues.

Are You Struggling with Substance Abuse?

Explore this compilation of blog posts to uncover facts about addiction and determine whether you are struggling with substance abuse.
Drug Addiction

4 Signs of a Hidden Addiction

Addiction is not always noticeable. Discover red flags of a possible substance abuse disorder so you can seek help for a loved one sooner rather than later.
Drug Addiction

How can you tell if you have an addiction?

Do you have a problem with substances? In this short video, Amy Sedgwick, Director of Clinical Operations at Mountainside, discusses common warning signs of addiction.

8 Signs of Alcoholism You Should Know

Learning the signs can go a long way into helping yourself or someone you know get help. Let’s take a look at eight common signs of alcohol dependence.

Learning About Alcoholism: 8 Signs You Should Know

Many Americans consider excessive drinking at parties a rite of passage, but these "harmless" habits can spiral into alcohol dependency. Learn some of the common signs of alcoholism.