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What’s up Dopey Nation, welcome to our website! If you’re a fan of the podcast’s refreshingly honest approach to drugs, addiction, and recovery, you’ll find a similar commitment to open communication here at Mountainside. We share Dopey’s belief that connection is the cornerstone of overcoming addiction – after all, ‘the opposite of addiction isn’t recovery, it’s connection,’ as they say.

Before starting the Dopey Podcast in 2016, co-hosts Dave Manheim and Chris O’Connor first met while in treatment at Mountainside. Though Chris tragically overdosed in 2018, Dave continues the podcast’s mission: honest conversations about addiction, recovery, and the path to a brighter future to ‘keep the addicts and alcoholics company.’ Mountainside offers a comprehensive range of best-in-class addiction treatment programs, but our philosophy extends beyond treatment – we believe connection is fundamental to recovery. That’s why we foster a vibrant recovery community through sober events and free support groups.

Mountainside is proud to be a sponsor of the Dopey Podcast, and we look forward to supporting listeners on their paths to healing and connection.

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Get to know the faces behind Mountainside and get inspired by real stories of hope. Explore episodes featuring Mountainside staff in recovery, sharing their personal experiences with Dopey Podcast host Dave Manheim. These episodes offer valuable insights into the recovery process and the support available at Mountainside.


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