Sober Living in Canaan, CT

When you are in early recovery, it is important to have professional and community support as you relearn how to navigate the world without alcohol and drugs. Mountainside’s Extended Care program allows you to practice sober life skills in a safe, non-judgmental setting with the support of professional counselors and other individuals in recovery.

Extended Care Offerings

AA 12-Step addiction recovery group

12 Step Education

Discussion based on 12 Step literatures from peer support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, focusing on recovery.

Male rehab patient in a meeting with drug addiction counselor at Mountainside

Individual Counseling

One-on-one sessions with a clinician to help you process thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to gain a clearer understanding of your inner-self and develop and strive towards personalized treatment goals.

Group therapy addressing substance abuse

Group Counseling

Daily clinician-facilitated therapy session that enables you to openly express yourself and explore issues among others who understand what you are going through.

Family Consultations

Family Counseling

Joint family therapy session to open the lines of communication between you and your loved ones, allowing you and your family to devise a plan together for a healthier relationship moving forward.

Extended Care Drug Rehab

Individual Family Counseling

One-on-one session to help you understand and analyze your current family dynamics, discusses the negative impact that damaged relationships can have on your progress, and explore the best ways to repair them.

Build a Recovery Network

  • Live in a stable, living environment that promotes long-term success.
  • Meet others with common goals, challenges, and victories.
  • Create a strong network of support.

Learn & Practice Sober Life Skills

  • Practice accountability, communication, and time and money management skills.
  • Work at Mountainside-affiliated facilities and interact with the local community.
  • Learn through educational and skill-building workshops.

Experience Outstanding Outpatient Care

  • Access all the resources of our nationally-acclaimed addiction treatment center, located across the street.
  • Receive substance abuse treatment from our experienced counselors.
  • Develop skill to support long-term recovery.

International Spiritual Journey

Make the move toward a healthy, sober life. 

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