Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching

In the first 365 days of your recovery journey, Recovery Coaching provides you a partner, mentor, spiritual guide, and support system to help you adjust to a new sober lifestyle. Through constant communication, you form a strong partnership with your Recovery Coach to work through any challenges as you make strides toward your life goals.


Recovery Coaching Program Overview

Mountainside’s Recovery Coaching program consists of five key components designed to help you reach your short and long-term recovery goals.

Peer-to-Peer Relationship: Working closely with your recovery coach, you will establish a personalized treatment plan, identify goals, and set a plan of action to achieve them. Through daily communication, your coach will be able to identify relapse behaviors and early warning signs, keeping you safe from relapse.

Connected Care Network: Throughout your recovery journey there may be additional clinical, medical, psychiatric, wellness, and legal services that you may need. Your recovery coach will help connect you with the appropriate service providers and keep in contact with them to ensure that you are advancing in your recovery.

Family Services: Healthy family dynamics and a strong support system at home are important, especially in early recovery. Your recovery coach will keep in contact with your loved ones, educating them on the best ways to support your recovery, as well as sharing your triumphs and successes.

Progress Assessments: Monthly wellness checks help you and your coach determine where you are progressing and where you need extra assistance. To keep you accountable, your coach will also conduct random toxicology screenings.

Recovery Resources: As part of Mountainside’s Recovery Coaching Program you have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources. Not only does your coach work closely with our clinical team to assess your progress, but they also work closely with our alumni program to ensure that you stay engaged in your recovery.

Recovery Coaching Services

Woman smiling with group of rehab patients engaging in holistic therapy

Sober Support Network

Information on peer support groups, including 12 Step, SMART Recovery, and Refuge Recovery as well as accompaniment to recovery meetings.

Doctor Visit


Referrals to medical and mental health professionals, physicians, and dentists.

mountainside campus group yoga


Sober leisure activities and events, volunteering opportunities, and referrals to acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and gyms.

Family counseling at Mountainside Treatment Center in Chappaqua, NY


Coordination of family meetings as well as referrals to family counselors and couples’ therapists.

Recovery Coaching


College search help, guidance on balancing classes and studying as well as referrals to tutors and peer educators.

Recovery Coaching

Daily Living

Tips for self-care, nutrition education, budgeting, and money management.

Recovery Coach Bill Blaber working with a Mountainside client.


Assistance with job search, resume writing, mock interviews, and when necessary, communication with employers.

Recovery Coaching


Communication with court system and legal team to provide documentation of sobriety when needed.

Doctor administering a urine analysis to check for the presence of drugs and alcohol.

Toxicology Screening

Breathalyzer tests, urine, and saliva analysis to check for the presence of drugs or alcohol, and help you stay accountable in recovery.

Telehealth Services

Designed to make treatment more accessible, Mountainside uses secure HIPAA-compliant video conferencing to help you communicate regularly with a licensed clinician or certified recovery coach, attend virtual group therapy sessions, and participate in peer-to-peer support groups.

Certified Soberlink Provider


For increased accountability to yourself and your loved ones, you can add Soberlink to your recovery plan. Soberlink is a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system. Combining a breathalyzer with wireless connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is Recovery Coaching therapy?

It is comprehensive, strength-based support and coaching provided by certified professionals committed to helping clients reach their recovery goals.

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