Acupuncture for Addiction Treatment

Over 2,000 years ago, the ancient Chinese were aware of a subtle network of energy in our bodies and developed one of the oldest systems of medicine still in use.  Life force energy, or chi, flows through channels called meridians, and acupuncture helps to clear blockages caused by emotional and physical trauma, which lead to imbalances in mind, body, and spirit.  The holistic approach of acupuncture addresses the origin of these imbalances, allowing the patient to heal and move forward.

Our acupuncture team has often had the pleasure of witnessing clients’ healing process through the use of acupuncture.  Even clients who initially expressed doubts as to its efficiency have noted the many benefits, such as alleviation of anxiety, depression, and withdrawal symptoms.  Acupuncture has helped clients to get the most out of the residential program, to better navigate the detox program, and ultimately, to reach their full potential, reclaiming their birthright of health and vitality.

At Mountainside, both auricular (ear) and full body acupuncture are offered to clients, depending on which phase of recovery they are in. We offer auricular acupuncture in both the residential and detox programs, and full body acupuncture is offered in detox.  Auricular acupuncture is a five-needle protocol used throughout the world for any level of recovery from acute withdrawal to long-term recovery. The points used target certain organs to detoxify the body and aid in reducing the emotional and physical symptoms common to the detoxification process.

Auricular acupuncture is a great way to allow a person in detox or early or late recovery to be able to feel more comfortable and relaxed as they adjust through the process of learning how to live without drugs and/or alcohol.  It can also reduce overall anxiety which can then allow clients to be more open to receive help while in treatment and even after they’ve returned to their daily lives.

Full body acupuncture, which is offered in the detox, is different in many ways.  Each client’s physical and emotional experience during detoxification is unique, and full body acupuncture can treat these varying symptoms specifically using a Chinese medicine pattern.

As more and more health professionals become interested in Eastern medical practices, it is easier to find and partake in the benefits of acupuncture close to home.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, Mountainside can help.
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