Lou L.

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What TV show are you currently loving?|Loved _Stranger Things_ season one. If Stephen King and Stephen Spielberg made a show in the 80’s, this would have been it. The sheriff’s performance is on point, and Wynona Ryder plays crazy well, as usual. I also need to catch up on the latest season of _Doctor Who_ and the Christmas episode. I miss David Tennant, but Peter Capaldi is growing on me as the Doctor.|How do you like to unwind after a long day?|Light some incense, usually nag champa. Plug in the white Christmas lights to get a nice glow going in the room. Breathe. Read a book. _The Great Gatsby_ is one I could pick up and read anytime. It gets better with each read.|What is your favorite exercise move?|I dislike all exercise moves equally. I prefer hiking to get my exercise. A view at the top is way more motivating and beautiful than the inside of a gym.|What is your favorite thing to order when you are at a café or restaurant?|It depends on the café or restaurant. But a bottle of Pellegrino, charcuterie plate, rigatoni Bolognese, crème brûlée, and a double espresso will always make me happy.|Guilty pleasure at the moment?|Maine Root spicy ginger beer. It makes all other ginger ales and beverages in general seem tame and boring.|Favorite health or beauty tip?|Health: Drink lots of water. Beauty: Love yourself the way you are.|The phone app that you can’t live without? |Pandora. At home, at work, in the car. I must use that app a good eight hours a day. The Mumford & Sons station is solid. Fitz and the Tantrums is nice for something with more soul. Pretty Lights or Nightmares on Wax station when I want to zone out or have a more instrumental vibe.

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