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Adolescent Services

Peer pressure, academic demands, anxiety, and depression can often make teens more susceptible to substance use. Through our range of adolescent programs and services, we address the challenges that struggling teens face by providing them with individualized guidance and support to get back on the right track.

Adolescent Services Overview

At Mountainside, we know that teens face different challenges as they recover from drugs and alcohol. Our Adolescent Services program is designed to prepare teens against peer pressure, help them resolve internal conflicts, and manage their academic demands. Focusing on both your teen’s strengths and weaknesses, we teach positive decision making, refusal strategies, and coping skills crucial to maintaining sobriety in everyday situations.

Treatment Options

To better meet your teen’s specific needs, we offer two treatment options, providing them the customized help and support they need to succeed.

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Individual Treatment

Allows your teen to privately address their emotions, gain a stronger sense of self, and practice prevention techniques while working towards achieving their recovery goals.

Financing Options

Recovery Coaching

In the first 365 days of your recovery journey, Recovery Coaching provides you a partner, mentor, spiritual guide, and support system to help you adjust to a new sober lifestyle.

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Adolescent Services Offerings

To increase your teen’s chance for a successful recovery, we supplement our clinical treatment offerings with family wellness services, allowing you and your teen to be partners in their recovery journey.


Substance abuse counseling and education are essential to help you better understand and overcome your alcoholism or drug addiction. Through a wide array of clinical therapies and services, you will uncover the root of your addiction, better understand your behavior, as well as learn positive stress-coping and relapse-prevention skills that will empower you to lead a substance-free life.

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Addiction Assessment

One-on-one evaluation to help determine whether your teen is struggling with addiction, the severity of their use and its impact, as well as determining the best course of treatment.

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Individual Counseling

One-on-one sessions with a clinician to help you process thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to gain a clearer understanding of your inner-self and develop and strive towards personalized treatment goals.

Group therapy addressing substance abuse

Group Counseling

Daily clinician-facilitated therapy session that enables you to openly express yourself and explore issues among others who understand what you are going through.

Relapse prevention group

Understanding Risk in Recovery

Group focused on the risks of early recovery, trends in substance abuse, and strategies to avoid threats and overcome challenges.

Family Service Offerings

Family Consultations for Addiction Treatment Outpatient Services

Family Counseling

Joint family therapy session to open the lines of communication between you and your loved ones, allowing you and your family to devise a plan together for a healthier relationship moving forward.

Outpatient addiction treatment counseling is available by Telehealth

Telehealth Services

Designed to make treatment more accessible, Mountainside uses secure HIPAA-compliant video conferencing to help you communicate regularly with a licensed clinician or certified recovery coach, attend virtual group therapy sessions, and participate in peer-to-peer support groups.


Additional Resources

Alcohol and drug addiction can radically affect your teen’s development. Visit our blog to learn how to recognize the signs of substance abuse, how you can help your teen during treatment, and how to help them safeguard their recovery.

We offer additional opportunities for families to better understand addiction and develop their own support network. Visit our Family Wellness page to learn more.

Mountainside offers adolescent services in Canaan, CT, Wilton,CT, Chappaqua, NY, and Huntington, NY.


We work with most private insurance plans! To find out if you’re covered for addiction treatment at Mountainside, verify your insurance benefits now