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Recovery for me has been a journey of self-discovery. When I put down drugs and alcohol, I had no idea who I was. I was still on a mission to reach outside of myself to replace a void – shopping, relationships, food, whatever would give me some sort of instant gratification. I didn’t know what I was feeling or what I needed. I was seeking myself, chasing after surface things.

Throughout my recovery journey there have been some big (and mostly small) realizations that have helped keep me on a path worth living for. Here are some of those breakthroughs:

  1. The first day I realized that I hadn’t thought about a drink or drug.
  2. I began asking for help and stopped living in the lie that I could do this thing all alone.
  3. That in order to stay sober I needed to rid myself of all of those things that put my recovery at risk.
  4. I came to understand the true meaning of “Never Alone, Never Again,” when I realized that “those people” in 12 Step were my friends.
  5. That my problem was much deeper; that it required work and willingness.
  6. That I needed to start doing things that made me uncomfortable and vulnerable.
  7. That fear is normal, and that walking through it is how we gain a greater understanding of ourselves.
  8. To continue to stay on my recovery journey, I need to extend my hands to others in this process.
  9. Life is not always rainbows and gumdrops; there will be difficult times, but it always passes.
  10. That I am loved, and I am worthy of love.

Every day is an opportunity to learn something new – to recognize my breakthroughs. There are lessons in all things, great and small. I must face each life with an open heart and know that these are instances to learn, grow, and challenge myself to be a better person.

Share Night Volunteers & Family Wellness Speakers
Caitlin M. Falls Village, MA 2491 days
Collin W. Great Barrington, CT 2212 days
Matthew G. Ludlow, MA 1482 days
Emily O. Milford, CT 608 days
Guy R. Woodbrigde, CT 546 days
Mark F. Hamden, CT 512 days
Raymond C. Oxford, CT 468 days
Michael H. Canaan, CT 429 days
Timothy C. Canaan, CT 415 days
Maureen J. Middletown, CT 238 days
Please email us if you are an alumni with 6 months of sobriety and are interested in sharing your story at a Share Night or if you are an alumni with 1 year and would like to speak at our Family Wellness Workshop.
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