Family Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

Family Addiction Counseling

Family Counseling Addiction Treatment and Therapy

Individual Counseling

One-on-one sessions help clients understand how their addiction has affected family members. Sessions also provide guidance and support in reconnecting with family.

Family Counseling

Uniting clients with their loved ones for combined therapy sessions helps the entire family discover valuable insights. We offer video conferencing services for family members who are unable to be physically present.

Family Wellness Orientation

Our half-day orientation helps families:

  • Better understand the disease of addiction and co-dependency
  • Cope with thoughts and feelings about a loved one’s addiction
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Learn how to provide constructive support for a loved one in recovery
Family Empowerment Workshop

Our one-day, interactive, and educational workshop helps families:

  • Uncover the various ways that addiction has affected the family dynamic
  • Identify personal resources and strengths
  • Learn what can and cannot be controlled
  • Learn new skills to improve self-care

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The importance of family in the recovery process cannot be understated, and we are committed to integrating family members into the healing process in ways both large and small. In addition to family education and drug and alcohol counseling, we provide regularly scheduled calls to update families on their loved one’s progress and to incorporate family input in aftercare planning (as per authorization granted by the client).

For additional support, we recommend families reach out to these organizations:

  • Al-Anon – For friends and families of problem drinkers
  • Nar-Anon – For friends and families of drug abusers