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The Drug Generation

They came of age in the 60s and 70s ─ a time of experimentation, filled with marijuana, LSD, and cocaine use. Now decades later, drug use among baby boomers is soaring once again. With heroin use doubling, cocaine use quadrupling, and prescription drug abuse increasing at alarming rates among those ages 53 to 71, it … Continued

Creating Healthy Boundaries

by Bruce Dechert, Senior Clinician, Family Wellness Early recovery can be a very exciting and scary time for many. It is also a very difficult time for family members who struggle with trust, fear, building relationships, and self-care. I believe it is important to understand healthy boundaries and be able to communicate these with family … Continued

The Stress Loop

By: Tom Lorio, LCSW Several years ago, a well-respected doctor came to my office distressed about his subway ride to work. He found himself enraged by the NYC Subway system ─ the delays, the rude passengers, the unpredictability of service. While public transportation unleashes a specific fury in many people, he was concerned because the … Continued

One-Third of Millennials Are Using Venmo to Buy Drugs

If you’re a Millennial, odds are you are familiar with the mobile money-transfer app, Venmo. The app’s function is simple: You want pizza, but you don’t have your wallet so your friend offers to buy you the slice. To compensate, you open your Venmo app. With just a couple of clicks and a quick search … Continued

3 Reasons People Don’t Go to Treatment

Addiction affects millions, yet only a small percentage of those individuals seek help. Learn the top three reasons why people don’t go to treatment.