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The Art of Happiness

The first time I saw the “100 Happy Days” challenge on Facebook, I thought: “Surely, I have time for happiness. I mean, what better thing is there to have time for in life than happiness?” Before three months were up, I lost track of completing this challenge . Why was this challenge so hard to … Continued

Addicted Babies

Every year, roughly 10,000 babies are born addicted to painkillers. Their first days of life are excruciating ─ consisting of stiff limbs, tremors, extreme diarrhea, fever, irritability, and excessive crying. They are often separated from their mothers and taken to neonatal intensive care units, where they receive small doses of morphine to treat their opioid … Continued

How does meditation help an individual achieve & maintain sobriety?

Holistic therapies are great complementary tools to traditional addiction treatment. In this short video, Mark Gerow, Wellness Program Senior Coordinator at Mountainside, discusses the many benefits of meditation in addiction treatment and recovery.

You Ask & We Answer

Q. I have been in recovery for a while now, but I still find myself on an emotional roller coaster. I keep going through these sudden bouts of lows. What can I do to help make my emotions more stable? Paul S., Boston, MA A. This is an excellent question. People in recovery are making … Continued