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The Most Common Reasons People Don’t Go to Treatment

People often assume that an addicted individual who doesn’t go to treatment is just in denial about their problem. While this is sometimes true, it isn’t the only reason. Family, friends, and society can play a role in a person’s apprehension. Below, we’ve gathered other reasons – or excuses – people use to resist getting … Continued

Is “Going Cold Turkey” Safe for an Alcoholic?

Alcohol is the most widely used addictive substance in the U.S., with 17.6 million people suffering from alcohol misuse or dependency. Alcoholism has also become the third leading lifestyle related cause of death, resulting in 88,000 fatalities a year. When a person is grappling with alcoholism, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to function. Ultimately, … Continued

What to do If Your Sponsor Relapses?

Everyone knows that in recovery it is important to make sure that you have a sponsor to help you on your early road of recovery. They can quickly become your confidante as they share with you their personal experiences with living a life of sobriety. They even act as coaches who will keep you motivated … Continued

The Healthy Habits Every Person in Recovery Should Have

by Stephen Langley One of my favorite summertime reads is The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein.  This wonderful story, narrated by an incredibly intelligent golden retriever named Enzo, ostensibly is written as a fictional novel having nothing to do with addiction or recovery.  That said, the author has filled this novel … Continued

Can Addiction Be Cured?

Addiction has long been considered by some to be a sign of moral failing. Families and friends of individuals struggling with addiction have held — and many still do hold — the belief that once a person completes detox, gets a hold of their values, and develops a strong sense of what is right and … Continued