Healthy connections and support systems are vital to your recovery. Learn about how you can build new relationships and work on old ones.

Mental Health

From Hurt to Healing: Men, Trauma, and Overcoming Addiction

Men living with untreated trauma are at higher risk of substance abuse. See how recovery is possible with a client-focused treatment approach.

Jesse W: Stories of Transformation

Jesse W had trouble fitting in and found comfort in alcohol and other substances. After multiple sobriety attempts, Jesse discovered the importance of living a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Teen Marijuana Use: Psychosis, Hospital Visits, and More

Marijuana is more socially acceptable than ever, but what impact is that having on teen marijuana use? Learn everything you need to know about the impact marijuana has on teens.

Slow Living: Incorporating Mindfulness and Simplicity into your Lifestyle

Living in a fast-paced culture can be draining on our mental health. Check out how to take a step back and live a slower lifestyle.
Sober Fun

Recovery Rocks: Sober Music Festivals and Concerts

For those in early recovery, attending a concert can be triggering. Find out the best ways of staying sober at music festivals.

Stories of Transformation: Rachel M.

Rachel M. struggled with trauma, grief, and substance abuse as a high schooler and young adult. Now, a loving wife and mother of two, Rachel is thriving in recovery.  
Mental Health

Mental Health Experts Share How They Strengthen Their Own Mental Health

Want to start prioritizing your mental health but don't know where to start? Find out how Mountainside's mental health experts are taking care of their mental well-being.
Sober Fun

Sober Curious: The Trend That is Here to Stay

The way Americans view alcohol is changing, and the sober-curious movement is gaining momentum. Learn why more people are giving up alcohol.

Stories of Transformation: Nik K.

Nik is an adventurer, nature lover, and athlete. As someone always searching for his next challenge, finding sobriety may have been the hardest test of all.

3 Ways Your Appearance Changes When You Quit Drinking

You will see many beneficial appearance changes after you quit drinking, including ones right in the mirror.

Recognizing the Signs of a High-Functioning Alcoholic

"Social drinking" can be a disguise for alcoholism. Answer these questions to spot alcohol dependence in your own life or a loved one’s.
Mental Health

Trauma Bonding: What is it and What You Should Know

Do you feel trapped in an unhealthy relationship? You may have formed a trauma bond with your partner. Learn how to break the bond and heal.