Stories of Transformation: Alison B.

Alison B. struggled with substance abuse for most of her early life and ended up in the ICU after a heroin relapse. Listen to and read her story here.

My Experience Setting Boundaries in Early Recovery

Setting boundaries in recovery is hard. In my personal experience, I learned a few things you can do in case your boundaries are tested.

What I Wish My Family Would Have Known When I Was Struggling With Addiction

Discover why addiction is a family disease and how it affects everyone, not just the individual struggling with substance abuse.

From Lost Dreams to Dream Life: My Story of Recovery

When I was a little girl, I dreamt of helping others in some regard. As I went through school for something I had little interest in, and my addiction took […]

Dear Addiction, My Love

Saying goodbye is hard to do, even when you know you have to. Mountainside alum, Sanam M. is sharing a powerful letter he wrote to his old love – his addiction.

A Year of Step, Through My Eyes

While not everyone’s path to healing looks the same, for many, the journey to sobriety includes learning about the 12 Steps of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). But could the steps also help someone who isn’t in recovery?

Authentically Sober

How can you become the best version of yourself in sobriety? A recovery coach answers how to be honest with yourself and others in recovery.

Mark K: January 2023

After over 35 years of problem drinking, I thought I had had enough. Mountainside appeared a good fit for me, and it was. I arrived in November of 2009 and […]
Sober Living

Trading Cocktails for Connections: My Sober Dating Journey

The idea of dating while sober used to be horrifying to me, but after years of dipping in and out of the dating pool, I've learned a lot about myself and my recovery.

The Day My Fear Turned to Wonder

Long before Kendall Svanda joined Mountainside, she was consumed by fear of the unknown. Learn how sobriety helped her embrace her inquisitive nature.

Dear Heroin

Watching someone close to you struggle with addiction is heartbreaking, especially if you were once in their shoes. In this article, Michael Ahearn, shares what it feels like to watch those you love relapse.

Rejecting Toxic Masculinity Helped My Recovery

I grew up as the athlete type ⎼ the kind that did not believe in showing weakness. If you got hurt, you rubbed some dirt on it and got back out there. Well, how do we do that if the pain is internal?