Anger Management

Knowing how to regulate your emotions is essential to your wellbeing. Learn about the importance of anger management in addiction recovery.
Family Wellness

Making Amends: How to Repair the Damage Caused by Active Addiction

Making amends is part of the 12 Step process and is beneficial to long-term recovery. Why it matters and how you and your loved one can heal from past trauma.
Mental Health

Managing Your Anger: Don't Let It Get the Best of You

Are you constantly lashing out at others? Always feeling tense? Find out how to manage your anger before it takes a toll on your mental health.
Mental Health

Emotional Self-Regulation is a Valuable Tool

By learning emotional self-regulation skills, you can develop healthy coping mechanisms such as self-soothing and setting firm boundaries.
Mental Health

Bad Habits to Avoid for Better Mental Health

Caring for your mental well-being may seem overwhelming. Start bettering your mental health by avoiding these common habits.

How Can Meditation Help Manage Anger

Holding on to anger can put your sobriety at risk. Learn how incorporating meditation into your life can help you safeguard your recovery and lead a happier life.
Drug Addiction

How Addiction Can Change Your Personality

Addiction alters brain activity, leading to personality changes. Find out the different ways addiction can affect your life and relationships.
Drug Addiction

Addiction: Men vs Women

Addiction can impact anyone, but social and physiological factors lead to gender-specific concerns. Learn how substance abuse affects men and women.

3 Apps to Help You Stay Sober

Those in recovery can be more sensitive to everyday stressors and may need help in coping with them. What is great is that there are apps available to help you relax and rewind.