Art Therapy

Creating art promotes tranquility, encourages self-expression, and allows for a remedial task without any previous skill. Learn how art therapy can ease your mind and foster a stronger recovery.
Addiction Treatment

Expressive Art: A Gateway to Addiction Recovery

Art therapy is an effective tool in addiction treatment. See how art can become a valuable part of someone’s daily life and benefit their mental well-being.
Addiction Treatment

How to Find the "Right" Therapist

Reaching out for help is sometimes the hardest part. Finding the right therapist for you is actually simple once you break it down into steps

5 Ways Writing Can Strengthen Your Recovery

Writing therapy strengthens recovery and promotes inner healing in several ways. Find out how writing can help a person recover from addiction.

6 Natural Ways to Fight Withdrawal Symptoms

About 50 percent of people suffering from substance abuse relapse after completing treatment. Often, this is due to the physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms they experience. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce these symptoms and the risk of relapse.

Somatic Writing: Writing from the Heart

Let the mindful practice of somatic writing inspire you to get in touch with your inner self, unleash your creative side, and strengthen your recovery.