Healthy relationships are a vital part of addiction treatment and recovery. Learn how to establish boundaries and strengthen your relationships.

Maintaining Boundaries in Tight Spaces

Establishing boundaries are key to long-term recovery but maintaining them can be difficult during this time of quarantine. Alex Lahr, recovery coach coordinator, shares her tips for how to keep your boundaries and your sobriety during this difficult time.
Family Wellness

Quiz: Are You Enabling Your Loved One's Addiction?

Knowing what to do to help your addicted loved one isn’t always easy. Find out if you are enabling their addiction or helping them get on track to recovery.
Drug Addiction

What to Do If Your Addicted Son/Daughter Asks You for Money

Watching your child struggle with drugs and alcohol can leave you feeling helpless. Learn what you can do to help them without enabling their addiction.
Family Wellness

5 Dos and Don’ts When Your Loved One Is Struggling with Addiction

While it is normal to feel overwhelmed right now, it is important to realize that all hope is not lost. Recovery is possible, and you can help your loved one get there.

Tips to Keep Your Teen Alcohol-Free This Summer

The younger someone starts drinking alcohol, the more likely they are to develop a substance abuse problem. Learn effective ways to keep your teen sober this summer.
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5 Tips to Keep Your Teen Alcohol-Free This Summer

While you can’t watch over your teen 24 hours a day, there are steps you can take to help your teen have a safe and sober summer.
Family Wellness

Your Loved One Completed Addiction Treatment — What Now?

Here are some tips to help you and the rest of the family welcome your loved one home and ensure their success post-treatment.
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How to Set Boundaries in Addiction Recovery

Setting boundaries encourages understanding and respect. Learn how families of those in recovery can utilize and benefit from this skill in everyday life.
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Creating Healthy Boundaries in Recovery

Early recovery can be a very exciting and scary time for many. It is also a very difficult time for family members who struggle with trust, fear, building relationships, and self-care.
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How to Help Your Teen Recover from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

When your teen is in recovery from either drug or alcohol addiction, your direct support is crucial to their long-term recovery. So, how can parents continue to help their teen in recovery while still balancing a healthy sense of normalcy within their home? Mountainside Family Wellness Manager Tina Muller addresses some of the most common concerns parents express over their teen’s recovery and how they can support their teen while rebuilding their family unit.