Cocaine is a powerful drug. Learn how to recognize cocaine use, its short and long term effects, and how to treat cocaine addiction.
Drug Addiction

How Do I Stop My Cocaine Cravings?

During cocaine withdrawal, users have intense cravings. Here are a few ways to reduce your cravings and minimize risk of a relapse.
Drug Addiction

How to Recognize Cocaine Addiction

Recognizing the signs of cocaine addiction is not always easy. These are some red flags to look out for.
Drug Addiction

What We Can Learn from Demi Lovato’s Relapse

Demi Lovato's relapse is a reminder that recovery is a life-long journey. Learn common trigger and warning signs to safeguard your recovery.
Drug Addiction

How can I stop using if my life seems boring and meaningless without cocaine?

It is easy to romanticize drug use and only think of that short-lived feeling of euphoria, but it is important to remember everything else that comes with addiction. The broken relationships, the toll it takes on your body, the effect on your mental health, and the constant risk of dying.
Drug Addiction

Is Vaping Really Safer?

Because it is easier to hide, research shows that vaping increases the risk that an individual will experiment with drugs, especially if they are young.
Family Wellness

From Humans of New York: Addiction, a Family Disease

Addiction is a disease that impacts not only the person using, but their entire family. Read the account of one family member to learn more about this dynamic.