Dating isn't always easy but dating in recovery has its own set of challenges. When some much of dating culture is centered around food and drinks, it can feel daunting to be your true self and stay on the course of recovery. Learn how to build new relationships without jeopardizing your sobriety.

How to Develop Healthy Relationships in Recovery

Dating in early sobriety is not advised. Find out what it takes to develop healthy relationships in recovery.
Family Wellness

5 Do's and Don’ts When Your Partner Is Struggling with Addiction

You don't have to feel powerless when helping an addicted spouse or partner. Learn how you can best support your partner in seeking recovery.

Own Your Sobriety: How to Date in Recovery

Jumping back into the dating scene may feel daunting to those in recovery. By owning sobriety and having confidence, everything else will follow.
Drug Addiction

5 Tips to Help Your Loved One in Recovery

You play a vital role in your loved one's recovery process. Learn how to help your loved one feel supported as they address and overcome their addiction.

Trading Cocktails for Connections: My Sober Dating Journey

The idea of dating while sober used to be horrifying to me, but after years of dipping in and out of the dating pool, I've learned a lot about myself and my recovery.

3 Ways Substance Abuse Can Affect Your Relationship

Addiction can put a strain on relationships, especially romantic ones. See if substance abuse is jeopardizing your romance and find ways to resolve the tension.

Love and Recovery: What You Should Know When Looking for a Relationship

Many who overcome addiction are eager to continue enriching their lives by finding a romantic partner. Learn how to build healthy relationships in recovery.
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What to Do When Your Partner Has a Substance Abuse Issue

When someone in the relationship is using substances, this can be very disruptive. Learn how to best support the person in need and yourself

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Early Recovery

Living a sober life free from addiction is empowering, but early recovery can be challenging. Here are tips to help you navigate your personal and professional life at the start of recovery.

How to Forgive a Loved One in Addiction Recovery

Although it can be difficult to do, forgiveness in recovery is beneficial to both you and your loved one's healing. Learn what steps you can take.