Detox is often the first step in addiction treatment. Find out if it's right for you, what it entails, and how you can safely begin your recovery journey.
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Dangers of Detoxing from Benzodiazepines Alone

Detox is the first step in recovering from addiction, but detoxing on your own can deadly. In this short video, John Hamilton, Chief Clinical Outreach Officer, discusses the dangers of detoxing from benzodiazepines alone.
Addiction Treatment

5 Reasons to go to Rehab

While addiction treatment isn’t easy, going to rehab is your best chance at reclaiming your life. Here are five (of many) great reasons why should go to rehab.
Addiction Treatment

What is Addiction Treatment?

Addiction treatment is an important step in recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. In this short video, learn more about the many available forms of treatment.
Addiction Treatment

The Dangers of Detoxing Alone

Detox is the first step in addiction recovery but detoxing alone can be dangerous and even deadly. Learn why medically-monitored detox is often necessary.
Addiction Treatment

Detox vs Rehab: Which One is Right for You?

When addressing addiction, detox, rehab, or a combination of the two can be effective depending on the person. Learn which treatment is best for you.
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What is Detox?

Detox could be the first step in your journey of recovery. Watch this short video to find out what you can expect from a detox program.

Is "Going Cold Turkey" Safe When You Are Struggling with Alcoholism?

Addicted people unwilling to go to a treatment center may decide to go cold turkey. Painful withdrawal symptoms make this an unadvisable and almost impossible feat. Learn what to do instead.
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How to Safely Detox from Painkiller Addiction

Addiction takes a tremendous toll on the body. Learn what you can do to start the healing, break free from addiction, and regain control over your life.
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Top Questions People Have About Addiction Treatment

If you and your loved ones have never been through this process before, then the whole experience can seem intimidating or even scary. Before you begin to panic and put off going to treatment for your addiction altogether, we have answers to some of the most common questions individuals struggling with addiction ask.
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Detoxing: Don’t Do It Alone

Detoxing is an important first step in recovering from drug addiction. But detoxing on your own can be dangerous, and in some cases even deadly. Learn more about the dangers of detoxing alone.