Family Wellness

Addiction takes a tremendous toll on families. Family therapy helps you and your family address how addiction has impacted your lives, allowing you and your family to begin a parallel healing process. Learn how to rebuild healthy relationships and support your loved one through family wellness.
Drug Addiction

Why Do Some People Become Addicted While Others Don’t?

Ever wondered why one person can try drugs and be seemingly unaffected while another can become hooked after just one use?
Family Wellness

What to Do if Your Loved One Won’t Get Help for Their Addiction

Clinician Matthew Fields shares what you can do if your addicted loved one refuses help, and shows you how you can manage your own needs during this situation.

My Experience Setting Boundaries in Early Recovery

Setting boundaries in recovery is hard. In my personal experience, I learned a few things you can do in case your boundaries are tested.
Family Wellness

5 Things I Learned From My Dad's Addiction to Alcohol

It may not seem like it right now, but things can end up "OK."
Family Wellness

Fair Fighting Rules: How to Communicate Better with Your Loved One in Recovery

All families and friends argue from time to time, but when conflict escalates into fighting, it can take a severe toll on your relationship. And chances are that if your […]

Shia LeBeouf’s new movie “Honey Boy” hit close to home for this child of an alcoholic

Turns out I have a whole lot in common with Shia Lebeouf. Who would have thought?
Family Wellness

Four Things to Remember if Your Loved One is Struggling with Addiction

No matter how much you try, you cannot control your loved one's addiction. Remind yourself these four things to better support them.
Family Wellness

Quiz: Do You Know How to Best Help Your Loved One's Recovery?

You want to help your loved one as they battle their addiction, but knowing whether you are actually helping isn't always easy. Take this quiz to find out if your current methods are the best choices for your loved one.
Family Wellness

5 Things You Should Know If Your Adult Child Is Using

Watching your child struggle with drugs or alcohol can make you feel hopeless and helpless. Learn what you can do to help your loved one overcome their addiction.
Family Wellness

Quiz: Are You Enabling Your Loved One's Addiction?

Knowing what to do to help your addicted loved one isn’t always easy. Find out if you are enabling their addiction or helping them get on track to recovery.
Family Wellness

Should I Walk Away From My Addicted Partner?

Your partner is struggling with addiction and you’re wondering whether you should walk away. Find out what Anthony Nave, Outpatient Services Manager, suggests.
Drug Addiction

What to Do If Your Addicted Son or Daughter Asks You for Money

Watching your child struggle with drugs and alcohol can leave you feeling helpless. Learn what you can do to help them without enabling their addiction.