Healthy friendships are essential to your well-being. Learn how you can build new relationships and strengthen frayed ones.

5 Exciting Ways to Build Connections While Social Distancing

Don’t let social distancing leave you feeling isolated. To help you make new, meaningful friendships from the safety and comfort of home, we asked members of our recovery community how they’re forming connections during the coronavirus quarantine. Here are 5 rewarding activities you can try.

Life Sans Alcohol: How I Maintain My Social Life and Sobriety

I quit drinking over 3 years ago, and the day I decided to put down the sauce, was the day I decided it was time to burn my old life down. This is how I live my (new) life sober.

4 Things to Say to Someone Struggling with Alcohol

Talking to a friend or family member about their excessive drinking is not easy. Learn what you can say to help them realize that they need help.

How to Help a Friend Struggling with Alcohol Abuse

Watching a friend struggle with alcohol abuse can be heartbreaking, but there are steps you can take to help your friend get back on track to living a happy,healthy life.

Is Your Loved One an Alcoholic?

The signs of addiction aren't always easy to recognize, especially when it comes to a loved one. Learn some common red flags of alcoholism and help your loved one get the help they need.

3 Ways Substance Abuse Can Affect Your Relationship

Addiction can put a strain on relationships, especially romantic ones. See if substance abuse is jeopardizing your romance and find ways to resolve the tension.

How to Have Sober Fun This Winter

For many people in recovery, winter can trigger the blues. Try these tips for having fun during the winter and avoiding relapse.

Choosing Your Friends Wisely in Recovery

Learn how to surround yourself with others who share the same goals, and how you can develop more meaningful relationships with new and existing friends.
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4 Ways to Support Your Loved One's Recovery During the Holidays

The holidays can be difficult for those in recovery, as many celebrations involve drinking. Learn how to help your loved one have sober fun during this time.

How to Talk to Your Loved One About Your Addiction

Telling your loved ones that you are struggling with substance abuse can be difficult. These are some tips to help you be better prepared for this important conversation.

5 Ways to Keep Your Sobriety and Social Life

Being sober and being social are not mutually exclusive, and easily go hand in hand. Discover five ways to maintain your recovery while having fun with friends.
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Meaningful Connections: How Relationships Can Help Lifelong Recovery

Why is so difficult for an addicted person to leave drugs behind and start a new life? Why is it so challenging for a person in recovery to not go back to the same destructive behavior? For British journalist, Johann Hari, the centerpiece of the puzzle is meaningful relationships.