For some, the holiday season can be the closest they come to alcohol, parties, or socializing in groups in a while. When trying to stay sober, this can be a triggering time, as so many get-togethers offer alcohol as a drink or even as a gift. Cravings can turn into a relapse, but they don't have to. Learn how you can safeguard your sobriety during this time of year.

Tips For Smoothly Attending a Holiday Party While in Recovery

Holiday parties can bring extra stress for people in recovery. Learn tips to plan ahead, minimize the risk of relapse, and remain committed to sobriety during the festivities.

How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day Without Alcohol

Valentine's Day can be overwhelming, especially when you're sober, but it doesn't have to be. In this interview, Jesse Wright, a recovery coach at Mountainside who is in recovery himself, shares his tips for enjoying the day (and dating in general) without alcohol.
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How to Manage Holiday Stress

Are you overwhelmed with holiday stress? Make this season enjoyable and find out how to manage your stress effectively.

4 Ways to Support Your Loved One's Recovery During the Holidays

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