Holidays can be triggering and may even lead to a relapse. Learn how you can safeguard your sobriety during this time of year.

All the Ways I’m Thankful I’m Sober

For people in recovery, Thanksgiving should be a time of reflection and gratitude. Be thankful for your sobriety and the loved ones that support you.
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How to Manage Holiday Stress

Are the holidays stressing you out? You are not the only one. From gift-giving to meal prep and everything in between, feeling overwhelmed is natural. However, this does not have […]
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This Holiday Season, Say Goodbye to Stress

Whether you are trying to safeguard your sobriety or enjoy the holidays, creating a healthy balance is important. Here are tips to help you have a stress-free holiday.
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4 Ways to Support Your Loved One's Recovery During the Holidays

The holidays can be difficult for those in recovery, as many celebrations involve drinking. Learn how to help your loved one have sober fun during this time.
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Four Tips for Staying Sober During the Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time for those new to recovery. Learn four simple tips to help you safeguard your sobriety and help you have a safe and happy holiday.
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Avoiding Holiday Stress for Your Recovery

The holidays can be a hectic time that brings added pressures for people in recovery. Learn about common stress triggers and how to stay committed to your sobriety year-round.