Addiction affects men by making them more likely to abuse substances and less likely to seek help. Discover how addiction affects men and the best treatment options available.
Mental Health

From Hurt to Healing: Men, Trauma, and Overcoming Addiction

Men living with untreated trauma are at higher risk of substance abuse. See how recovery is possible with a client-focused treatment approach.
Family Wellness

What to Do to Help When Your Father is an Alcoholic

Learn how to help your alcoholic dad recover and seek treatment for his addiction while also taking care of your own mental health.
Mental Health

How Is Trauma Linked to Addiction?

For many who experience a trauma, the shock and hurt dissipates with time. Others, however, may turn to substances and develop addictions.
Drug Addiction

­­Is Toxic Hockey Culture Pushing Athletes Toward Substance Abuse?

Hockey is a highly physical sport with many pro players relying on painkillers to cope with injuries, often leading to drug abuse. Read why.

Redefining "Being a Man" in Recovery

For some, being a man means acting tough and never showing emotion. While bottling up emotions is not good for anyone, it is particularly dangerous for those in recovery.

Rejecting Toxic Masculinity Helped My Recovery

I grew up as the athlete type ⎼ the kind that did not believe in showing weakness. If you got hurt, you rubbed some dirt on it and got back out there. Well, how do we do that if the pain is internal?
Addiction Treatment

Men, Trauma, and Addiction

Addicted men and women react to treatment differently. Discover how a man’s upbringing can determine the effectiveness of his recovery efforts.
Drug Addiction

Addiction: Men vs Women

Addiction can impact anyone, but social and physiological factors lead to gender-specific concerns. Learn how substance abuse affects men and women.