Educating yourself about addiction is an important step in recovery. Stay up-to-date on the latest addiction news and research studies.
Drug Addiction

Addiction on the Big Screen: How Movies Portray Substance Abuse

Movies have the ability to make a profound impact on society. Check out how these films did their part by shining a spotlight on substance abuse.

Benadryl Challenge, TripTok, and #Ket: TikTok and Drug Use Among Gen Z

With recent TikTok trends like the Benadryl Challenge, TripTok, and #Ket, many parents are wondering if there is a larger drug use problem facing Gen Z.

NY Bans Alcohol Ads on City Property

Alcohol abuse is a prominent issue among New Yorkers. Mayor Bill de Blasio is hoping to help by banning alcohol advertising on city-owned property.

Drug Users Outnumber High School Students by 50 Percent

The opioid crisis has spread nationwide. In San Francisco, the effects are so severe that there are more drug users than high school students.
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Juul: The Dangerous Trend Among Teens

School administrators, doctors, and FDA officials are worried about the dangerous, long-term consequences of e-cigarettes. Learn everything you need to know about vaping, including how to keep your teens safe.
Drug Addiction

From Schools to Local Parks, Nowhere is Safe from the Opioid Crisis

The opioid epidemic is putting the public at risk of being exposed to powerful drugs and contracting diseases such as hepatitis and HIV. Learn how and what community leaders are doing about it.

The Return of HIV Outbreaks: A Symptom of the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic has been a public health threat for years, but now it is linked to another danger: the return of HIV outbreaks. Learn how opioid addiction is driving a new HIV crisis.

Senate Passes Bill Targeting the Opioid Epidemic

The U.S. Senate voted 99-1 in favor of new bills directed at preventing the opioid crisis. See how the proposed laws will impact those suffering from addiction.

Alcohol Damages Stem Cells, Leading to Cancer

A study has revealed that alcohol can permanently damage stem cell DNA and increase cancer risk. While the connection between alcohol and cancer is not new, this study has shown that it can lead to an increased risk in developed seven different types of cancer, including breast and bowel.
Drug Addiction

Marijuana Not So Safe After All, Study Reveals

The legalization of marijuana has reduced the stigma around it. Learn more about the risks marijuana use still poses, including a painful condition called CHS.
Drug Addiction

Methamphetamine Use on the Rise, Reports Say

Reports now show that while the opioid epidemic has been garnering everyone’s attention over the last few years, methamphetamine use has been silently skyrocketing across the nation.
Drug Addiction

Lil Peep’s Overdose Sparks Xanax Discussion

21-year-old rapper Lil Peep allegedly died of an overdose involving Xanax, igniting a conversation about the misuse of prescription drugs.