Recovery is a lifelong journey. Get tips to strengthen your recovery and help you to live a healthy, happy sober life.

Alumni Picks: 10 Podcasts For Recovery And Wellness

Mountainside alumni have curated a list of 10 podcasts on sobriety and wellness that you should know about for continuing your journey in recovery.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People in Recovery

Not sure what gift to get someone in recovery? We asked people in recovery what the perfect present would be and compiled their answers into this handy recovery gift guide.

Balancing Work and Your Recovery

Stressed about creating a healthy work-life balance in early recovery? Licensed clinician Zia Onorato shares her tips to help put your fears at bay.

How to Establish a Support Network

Building community support has never been more important than now. Licensed clinician Jana Wu shares her tips for developing a strong support network.

Sobriety vs Recovery: Why Giving Up Drugs and Alcohol Isn’t Enough

Sobriety does not stop at abstaining from drugs and alcohol. Emotional sobriety is the next step that helps us stay in recovery and become the best version of ourselves. Learn how mindfulness, patience, and making connections can help you on your journey of recovery.

Discovering Sober Fun: An Interview with Jimmy Hamm from the Clean Fun Network

Getting sober is much more than just giving up drugs and alcohol; it's about rebuilding a fulfilling and meaningful life. Fun is an essential part of it. Join us as we discuss sober fun with Jimmy Hamm, founder of Clean Fun Network.

One Day at a Time

How are we supposed to live in the day when we live in a world built around scheduling, making sure we have enough money for bills, and are constantly asked by recruiters and dating prospects about our 5-Year Plan?

Service in Sobriety: How Giving Back Can Help You Stay Connected to Your Community

Volunteering is a meaningful and rewarding way to get reacclimated with your community. If you’re looking to connect with others and want to become a part of something great, something much larger than yourself, then being of service to others could be just what you need.

Glossary of AA: Important 12 Step Terminology to Know

Going to your first AA meeting can be overwhelming. Feel more confident and prepared with the help of this beginner's guide to AA terms.

Words Matter: The Distinction Between “Social” and “Physical” Distancing

Having to maintain at least a six feet distance between ourselves and others can leave us feeling lonely or isolated. For those in recovery, these feelings can be the beginning of a downward spiral. In this article, clinician Matthew Fields explains the very important difference between physical and social distancing, as well as how to stay connected to others while protecting yourself against COVID-19.
Mental Health

Why Taking Care of Your Mental Health Is Essential to Your Recovery

Mental health and addiction often go hand in hand. Understanding how and why is critical to safeguarding your recovery. In this article, Mountainside clinician Meg Currie shares mental health tips to help you avoid relapse.

5 Exciting Ways to Build Connections While Social Distancing

Don’t let social distancing leave you feeling isolated. To help you make new, meaningful friendships from the safety and comfort of home, we asked members of our recovery community how they’re forming connections during the coronavirus quarantine. Here are 5 rewarding activities you can try.