Stress is a serious trigger for those who struggle with addiction. Learn about healthy coping mechanisms and ways you can manage.
Mental Health

10 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health in 2021

Mental and physical health are equally essential, particularly for those coping with addiction. Boost your mental wellness for the new year using these tips.

I have been in recovery for a while now, but I still find myself on an emotional roller coaster. What can I do to help make my emotions more stable?

This is an excellent question. People in recovery are making many changes and adjustments in their lives: changing geographical locations, job changes, ending relationships with old friends, rebuilding relationships with family members, and establishing new friendships.
Mental Health

The Stress Loop

For those in recovery, stress can build easily. Use these suggestions for managing The Stress Loop so you can lead the sober and healthy life you deserve.
Family Wellness

How the Pressure to Succeed Is Putting America’s Youth at Risk

A recent study found that teens from wealthier backgrounds are more likely to turn to drugs and alcohol. Learn how class status and addiction are linked.

How Nature Helps Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Not only is nature a beautiful escape from everyday reality but it can have life changing effects, particularly on those recovering from substance abuse.
Mental Health

Stress & Addiction

Learning how to manage stress is key to your overall well-being, especially for those in recovery.
Addiction Treatment

Holistic Healing: Forest Bathing Washes Away Stress

Nature is a scientifically proven stress reliever. Knowing this, we incorporate our beautiful surroundings at the base of the Berkshire Mountains into our programming.
Addiction Treatment

Addicted Moms: Hitting Closer to Home Than You Realize

Mothers have multiple responsibilities that cause many to self-medicate with alcohol and prescription drugs. Here are the best addiction treatment options for mothers with busy lives.
Addiction Treatment

What to Do When You Miss Your Addiction

At a certain point in recovery, a person may feel distanced enough from addiction that they begin to romanticize past substance abuse habits. Use these tips to avoid relapse.

Essential Oils for Addiction Recovery

Alcoholism and drug addiction are often the result of self-medicating to cope with emotional or physical pain and discomfort. The use of essential oils is a simple and effective way to help maintain emotional balance, physical health, and vitality in recovery.
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Simple Ways to Balance Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Cultivating overall well-being is important to leading a happy, healthy life. Learn how to incorporate simple wellness tips into your daily routine to help you reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue.