Withdrawal symptoms come in painful psychological and physical forms. Learn about the safe ways to battle withdrawal and foster a strong recovery.

Alcohol Withdrawal – Know What to Expect When You Quit Drinking

You know you have to stop drinking, but you’re worried about what will happen if do — you’ll start going through withdrawal. Learn what to expect and how you can ensure you go through detox without putting yourself in danger.

What Does It Feel Like to Go Through Drug Withdrawal?

Not knowing what to expect is often the scariest part. Learn about the common withdrawal symptoms you may experience during detox and what you can do to alleviate the discomfort.
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The Dangers of Detoxing Alone

Detox is the first step in addiction recovery but detoxing alone can be dangerous and even deadly. Learn why medically-monitored detox is often necessary.

6 Natural Ways to Fight Withdrawal Symptoms

About 50 percent of people suffering from substance abuse relapse after completing treatment. Often, this is due to the physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms they experience. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce these symptoms and the risk of relapse.
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What is Detox?

Detox could be the first step in your journey of recovery. Watch this short video to find out what you can expect from a detox program.
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Acupuncture for Addiction Treatment

Our acupuncture team has often had the pleasure of witnessing clients’ healing process through the use of acupuncture.  Even clients who initially expressed doubts as to its efficiency have noted the many benefits, such as alleviation of anxiety, depression, and withdrawal symptoms.
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What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese technique that has helped many people struggling with addiction get on the road to recovery. To learn more about what acupuncture is and how it can help an individual's addiction treatment, watch this short video.
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Treating the Roots of Imbalance with Acupuncture

People often ask me what got me interested in acupuncture. The truth is my journey into the study and practice of this powerful ancient medicine began because of my own search for healing. I was a client at an alcohol and drug treatment center for women and their babies, and one of the services offered was acupuncture.

Battling Withdrawal with Holistic Practices

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse , 40 to 60 percent of those suffering from a substance misuse problem relapse after completing treatment. One reason why: difficulty coping with withdrawal symptoms.

Is "Going Cold Turkey" Safe When You Are Struggling with Alcoholism?

Addicted people unwilling to go to a treatment center may decide to go cold turkey. Painful withdrawal symptoms make this an unadvisable and almost impossible feat. Learn what to do instead.
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Detoxing: Don’t Do It Alone

Detoxing is an important first step in recovering from drug addiction. But detoxing on your own can be dangerous, and in some cases even deadly. Learn more about the dangers of detoxing alone.