Holistic Drug Treatment Therapy for Mind, Body and Spirit

Mountainside Acupuncture


This traditional Chinese technique stimulates specific points on the body to re-balance energy, ease pain, decrease cravings, and improve sleep.

Holistic Drug Treatment Therapy


An ancient Indian practice, yoga unites an individual’s physical, mental, and spiritual selves in order to strengthen the entire body. We offer several types of yoga, including Individual Yoga Therapy.

Yoga Poses for Addiction Recovery

Qi Gong

This traditional Chinese practice combines movement, meditation, and breathing so as to enhance the body’s energy flow, improve blood circulation, and stimulate immune function.

Mind Body Spirit Approach


Guided meditation cultivates serenity by focusing on breathing and sensations in the body.

Holistic Substance Abuse Facilities

Spiritual Enhancement

Our non-religious reflection workshops encourage peace of mind and spiritual development.

Mountainside Labyrinth


A circular path leads an individual toward a central point and then back out. The journey along the path aids in processing thoughts and emotions and helps in fostering self-reflection.

Mountainside Holistic Rehabilitation Sweat Lodge

Sweat Lodge

This unique holistic addiction treatment—an interpretation of a traditional Native American ritual—assists with mental, physical, and spiritual purification.

Personal Empowerment Coaching at Mountainside Addiction Treatment Center

Personal Empowerment

Dynamic coaching promotes a more positive outlook of the future by helping clients gain clarity and discover their true desired feelings.

Art Therapy at Mountainside Addiction Treatment Center

Art Therapy

A creative process that promotes emotional exploration, personal fulfillment and recovery through artistic self-expression.

Music Therapy at Mountainside Addiction Treatment Center

Music Therapy

By creating music together as a group, clients practice mindfulness and gain greater emotional self-awareness.

Horticultural Therapy

A holistic therapy that uses gardening to help reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, and enhance clients’ sense of spiritual connection and well-being.


Education and nutritional consultations to empower clients to make smart eating choices for a lifetime.

Sleep Sanctuary at Mountainside Addiction Treatment Center

Sleep Sanctuary

A series of group exercises and techniques to enhance sound sleep and promote overall health.