Group Therapy

Addiction is isolation, but recovery does not have to be. Learn how group therapy helps you build a support network while addressing your addiction.
Addiction Treatment

Understanding Dialectical Behavior Therapy: What You Should Know

DBT is all about accepting your current self and working toward change. Find out more about this therapy approach and if it is right for you.
Addiction Treatment

Rehab 101: What is it? What Does an Average Day Look Like?

Want to go to rehab but there's something holding you back? Find out all you need to know about rehab and what to expect during your stay.

What is Family Therapy?

Problems of one family member can impact the whole system. Understand what family therapy is and how it can help you and your loved ones begin to heal.
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How to Find the "Right" Therapist

Reaching out for help is sometimes the hardest part. Finding the right therapist for you is actually simple once you break it down into steps
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4 Reasons to Try Therapy

Ever considered going to therapy but weren't sure if it was right for you? Truth is that everyone could benefit from some one-on-one counseling. Need some convincing? Here are four benefits of going to therapy.

12 Misconceptions About 12 Step Meetings

False assumptions about 12 Step meetings are common. Discover myths about the program and how it actually benefits those recovering from addiction.

The Wharf Rats: Concert-Goers and Drug-Free Culture

Discover how the Wharf Rats are creating a safer space for music lovers in recovery who might have avoided concerts out of fear of endangering their sobriety.
Addiction Treatment

The Difference Between Group and Individual Therapy

Group therapy and individual therapy are both valuable in addiction treatment. Discover the benefits of each type of counseling method.

Harnessing the Power of Music Therapy in Recovery

Mindful activities such as kirtan, a form of music therapy, enhance focus and create a sense of community. Learn how this is beneficial in managing addiction.